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At Super Pups, we love ALL breeds of dogs, small, large, and even extra extra large. (Seriously, if you have a St. Bernard we can't promise we won't try to ride it.)

We understand that while being a dog owner gives you a whole new dimension on love and companionship, sometimes it's not the easiest job in the world, especially for owners with large dogs and/or breeds labeled aggressive, or dogs with behavioral issues.

That's where we come in. We want to give every dog the same opportunity to have a fun, relaxed, safe, and stress free environment, while giving their owners the peace of mind that their loved one is with someone they can trust to handle not just the fun stuff, but also those not so perfect moments, should they arise.

We will work with both you and your dog(s) to come up with a plan that fits their specific needs so they have an opportunity to thrive and be their best self!


Tailored to Fit Your Dog's Specific Needs

Responsible and Reliable

Give You and Your Pet Peace of Mind

Serving the Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities Area

Call or Text: (207) 200-8375

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