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Throughout the years I've learned a lot about the psychology of dogs, understanding what their triggers are, learning to recognize the first signs of fear or aggression, and how to manage those reactions as much as possible in unavoidable situations. This knowledge has helped me, not only with Chance, but also in working with and training other dogs. It has given me a level of understanding and compassion for other dogs who have behavioral issues. Just because a dog may have a behavioral issue does not, in any way, mean they can't also be an amazing dog and a wonderful companion.




I'm a dog mom to this handsome boy right here, Chance. Chance is an almost 11 year old American Bulldog/Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue who loves playing fetch, chewing on plush toys, and taking over whatever space I happen to currently be in.

I've been around animals my whole life. As a kid I had two dogs and anywhere from two to four cats. As an adult I went through a brief stint of having two cats and no dog, and then I found Chance who was part of an abandoned litter of 7 week old puppies dumped in a box on a street in Detroit. Thankfully they were found and fostered and I got to adopt him when he was 12 weeks old (and the fattest of the litter).

Chance is one of the sweetest, goofiest, and most expressive dogs I've ever encountered and he's given meaning to my life when I wasn't sure there was any. But because of his American Bulldog heritage and some trauma when he was a puppy, he comes with his own baggage, just like we all do.


"I want you to feel confident knowing that your dog is in safe and capable hands; with someone who will make sure your pup is having fun when you're not there."



The reason I started Super Pups is not just so I can play with animals all day, although if I'm honest that's a pretty huge factor, but also to give all dogs the same chance and opportunity to thrive. I understand the difficulties of not being able to have access to the same resources as other dog owners because of your dog's breed, or because you just can't trust anyone else to handle your dog's issues.

I've worked with and helped train many different types of dogs, for example: dogs who just need the basics, dogs with the basics down who can handle more advanced training, dogs who need muzzle training because they could be a bite risk, or just like to eat everything they encounter. I've also worked with dogs who are dominant, shy, fearful, anxious, and happy-go-lucky-love-absolutely-everything, just to name a few.

If you are a dog owner and are in need of a dog walker or a pet sitter, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss what options are available for you and your pet!

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