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My husband and I have two dogs, a Siberian husky and an English lab. We worked with Sarah for almost 2 years when our dogs were around 2 years old, and only stopped since she moved to another state. She has been one of the only people to confidently and gently work with our dogs, especially our Siberian Husky. As you might guess, Siberian huskies can be big babies: whiney, loud, energetic, stubborn, and really tough to work with despite their sweet selves at heart and it takes the right personality to work with them. Sarah was not intimidated by him whatsoever and, in fact, was very gentle and understanding of his personality. She also took on walking and caring for two large breed dogs seamlessly. On occasion she did overnights and treated our boys like her pups. She went above and beyond in allowing them to snuggle with her at bedtime and eased my dog-mom type-A personality by sending many photos and updates throughout her stay. Major props to her for her wonderful patience and love she had for our dogs. Both of my dogs absolutely loved her and she is someone who certainly treated our pets like her own!

Jacqueline S.

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